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Перед світанком the missile attacks started near Kyiv and Kharkiv and then began to spread further. Ukraine, already having been surrounded by Russian troops on three sides has been waiting with bated breathe for this eventuality. Tensions have been brewing more and more in Eastern Europe, due to the aggressive actions taken by Russian President Adolf Vladimir Putin. He has been attempting to build narrative to justify his actions and this completely unjust war for the Eastern European masses with his state controlled media machine. Yet there are some brave men and women in Russia willing to risk their freedom to protest this aggression. Anti-War protests have been occurring throughout Russia and hundreds have already been detained, and now threats of prosecution and criminal charges are being spread by authorities. The sanctions imposed by the Western world are starting to pile up in hopes of de-escalating the current situation. One thing is certain and that is the repercussions for this incursion will be felt by most in one way or another. Food shortages, gas prices, or displacement are sure to affect many world markets already reeling from the global pandemic. The eyes of the world are upon him and this dictatorial push into Ukraine.


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